Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

FPO 2016 Awards

Edith Cohenno Bryant, “Silver Oaks One

Jeanne Tangney,

Rosalie Nadeau,


Inaugural PPSCC Members

ONLINE Exhibition

October 1 -  December 15, 2017

You can see our first online members show here. 

Awards will be presented at the PPSCC Annual Meeting on October 14, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm which will be held a the Cape Cod Art Association on 6A in Barnstable.

Note: If you go directly to Online Juried Shows, look under Published Shows.

2017 Award Winners:

Best of Show: “Where Fur Belongs”, Tamara Oppel

An exceptional piece, masterfully handled with sensitivity & confidence. Wonderful use of space & brought to life by its exquisite textures.

First Place: “Berries in Glass”,Jeri Greenberg

Gorgeous use of light & shadow...reminiscent of the old masters.

Second Place: “Clammer’s Bag & Bucket”, Susan Ellis

The strong composition & delicate handling of the light made this piece a stand out.

Third Place: “Red Light Green Light”, Janet Schwartz

The distortion of the scene through the rain covered windshield adds a wonderful energy to the piece.

Honorable Mention: “Morning Glory”, Karole Nicholson

The quiet beauty of this piece is strengthened by the subtle cools in the distance & by the rich warm tones of the focal point.

Honorable Mention: “Seaside Pine”, Eileen Casey

Strong design elements enhanced by the bold use of compliments.

"For Pastels Only on Cape Cod, 2017"

The exhibition dates are June 20 to July 16, 2017 at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main Street in South Yarmouth , MA. The Opening Reception for the For Pastels Only exhibition is Saturday, June 24 at 6:00 PM.

Distinguished pastelists serving as this year's jurors are Robert Carsten, juror of selection and Jacob Aguiar, judge of awards.

This year’s exhibition features a gallery tour by Master Pastelist Jacob Aguiar as well as a pastel demonstration by an artist to be announced on the final day of the exhibit.

Show awards total approximately $5000 in cash and merchandise with a $1000 Best of Show prize. This exhibition is open to all pastelists. 

Join the Pastel Painter’s Society of Cape Cod for the opening reception party and gallery tour. Be sure to enter the free raffle in the gallery.

Opening Reception, Saturday, June 24, 2017, 6:00PM
The opening will include a wine and cheese reception, a live band,
free raffle and Presentation of Awards, plus a Gallery Tour by Master Pastelist Jacob Aguiar, PSA.

On pick up day, there will also be a Closing Exhibit Demonstration by Maryann Mullett, Sunday, July 16, 1:00-3:00PM

To download an invitation to the Opening Reception, click here.

Check out this discussion of this year's "For Pastels Only" on local cable television here.

For Pastels Only 2017 Awards List

Best In Show: Lana Ballot - Until Tomorrow

Award of Excellence: Maureen Spinale - Joy Peace and Hope

Award of Honor: Rosalie Nadeau - Profusion

Great American Art Works Award: Terri Brooks - The Big Tube

Joan A. Ledwith Memorial Award for Landscape: Tom Bailey - Back Pond

Ampersand Art Supply Award: William Schneider - Jillian

Liz Haywood-Sullivan Juror's Award: Michele Poirier Mozzone - Alliance II

Terry Ludwig Pastels Award: Rita Kirkman - Golden

Terry Ludwig Pastels Award: Christine Ivers - All in a Row

Airfloat Award: Laurinda O'Connor - Last Light

Piedmont Pastel Society Award: Mary Jean Davis - A Stitch in Time

Connecticut Pastel Society, Inc. Award: Jean Rosier Smith - Backyard Beauty

Dakota Art Pastels Award: Cindy Crimmin - Grateful for Small Favors

Pastel Society of North Carolina Award: Maxine Raymond - The Scrabble Corner

Pastel Society of America Award: Sandra Marucci Weisenhoff - Garden Peonies

Vermont Pastel Society Award: Betsy Payne Cook - Dancing in the Shallows

Pastel Painters Society of Maine Award: Susan Hollis - Sun Tipped

Pastel Society of New Hampshire Award: Kate Berquist - Standing Together

Rosalie Nadeau Award for Excellent Use of Color as Light: Edward Kennedy - Cedars in Shadow

Diane Townsend Award: Jane Penfield - Chicago Bridges

Royal Talens Award: Barbara Bemis Adams - Bee Keepers

UART Award: Joyce Kahn - Everyman

Pastel Journal Award: Edith Cohenno Bryant - Chama

Pastel Journal Award: Sandra Kavanaugh - Crashing

2017 Signature Exhibit

We are pleased to announce that our 2017 Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod Signature Exhibit will be held at the prestigious Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, MA.

The museum is open year-round and hosts a wide selection of highly anticipated exhibitions throughout the year. We are honored to be on their calendar and hope that you will submit your best paintings to be considered for this exhibition.

The jurying process will be done by digital entries and details will be emailed to you early in 2017.

Some key points to consider for your planning purposes:

-The theme is “For the Love of Color”

-The exhibit will be on display March 23- April 30, 2017

-Paintings must be completed within the last 2 years

-30 x 40 inches maximum framed size

"For Pastels Only on Cape Cod 2016!"

Our national juried exhibition was held at the beautiful Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth. The month long show was on display throughout the four exhibition rooms, including the Grand Hall intil July 10. 

We are pleased to have two distinguished pastelists serve as this year's jurors. Tom Christopher is our judge of selection and Jen Evenhus is our judge of awards.

2016 Award Winners

Best of Show
Edith Cohenno Bryant, Silver Oaks One

Award of Excellence
Jeanne Tangney, Inlet

Award of Honor
Rosalie Nadeau, Sunflowers & Peaches

Great American Artworks Award
Gigi Horr Liverant, Welcome to New Jersey

Terry Ludwig Pastels Award
Ed Chesnovitch, Towering Phragmites

Jack Ahlin Award
Christine Vitarello, Cooling Off

Royal Talens Award
Patricia Barrett, River Dream

Ampersand Art Supply Award
Linda Brown, Footsteps 14

Liz Haywood-Sullivan Award
Ellen Pelletier, Receding Tide

Connecticut Pastel Society Award
Margaret Emerson, Fall Cycle

Piedmont Pastel Society Award
Christine Bodnar, Corn Toss

Pastel Society of North Carolina Award
Diana De Santis, Robert’s Pride

Diane Townsend/UART Enterprises Award
Arlene Richman, Apples and Oranges

Chicago Pastel Painters Award
Michele Poirier-Mozzone, These Changes 5

Pastel Painters of Maine Award
Cecilia Murray, Grace

Pastel Society of America Award
William Schneider, Elegant

Pastel Society of New Hampshire Award
Jory Mason, Reeds & Pads

Vermont Pastel Society Award
Robert Kalinoski, Munich Skateboarde

Joan A. Ledwith Memorial Award for
Landscape donated by South Cape Artists

Mary Tennaro, Red Maple

Rosalie Nadeau, Use of Color as Light Award
Maureen Spinale, A River Runs Through It

Dakota Pastels/Pastel Journal Award
Linda Armstrong, Lobster Rolls

Multimedia Artboard/Pastel Journal Award
Susanna DalPonte, Crash

Congratulations to our award winners! 

FPO 2015 Award Winners


Deborah Quinn-Munson for “Outdoor Cafe”

$1,000 & $150 Jack Richeson gift certificate


Award of Excellence

Alexia Rosoff Wilber for “Silo”

$600 and $125 Jack Richeson gift certificate


Award of Honor

Ed Chesnovitch for “Meander”

$300 & $100 Jack Richeson gift certificate


Great American Artworks Award

Lisa Cunningham for “Peace And Quiet”

$359 value


Terry Ludwig Pastels Award

Gigi Horr Liverant for “Crosswalk”

$225 value


Jack Ahlin Award

Michael Evans for “Morning Glow”



Joan A. Ledwith Award for Landscape

donated by South Cape Artists

Cynthia Crimmin for “Summerʼs Last Gift”



Jurors Award Given by Marla Baggetta

Jeanne Tangney for “Spotted Bowl”

$200 value


Rosalie Nadeau Award for

Excellence en Plein Air

Diana Rogers for “Poppy Season”



Ampersand Art Supply Award

Paul Leveille for “The Guide”

$175 value


Connecticut Pastel Society Award

Michele Poirier-Mozzone for “Tempted”



Piedmont Pastel Society Award

Chrisitne Ivers for “Ticket To Ride”



Pastel Society of North Carolina Award

Maureen Spinale for “The Wind In My Hair”



Chicago Pastel Painters Award

Jeff Ventola for “Guided Light”



Pastel Painters of Maine Award

Christine Bodnar for “In The Evening”



Pastel Society of America Award

Maryann Mullett for “Vintage Giraults”



Pastel Society of New Hampshire Award

Shelly Eager for “Rising From The Shadows”



Vermont Pastel Society Award

Linda Armstrong for “On The Sandbar”



Liz Haywood-Sullivan Award

Karole Nicholson “Primary Focus”

$100 value


Dakota Pastels/Pastel Journal Award

Patricia Barrett for “Seasons Change”



Diane Townsend/UART Enterprises Award

Arlene Richman “Tropical Depression”

$82 value


Multimedia Artboard/Pastel Journal Award

Barbara Bemis Adams for “Altered Thoughts”

$82 value