Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

Be Square


Registration is now open!

October 1 - October 30, Falmouth Art Center, Falmouth, MA

The show title is  "Be Square".  Each member may submit one square painting, maximum size 14" x14" framed.

Registration will be completed online between September 1 and September 23, 2016.

Drop off is on Thursday September 29, 2016  at Falmouth Art Center located at 137 Gifford St., Falmouth, MA.

There will be a $15 fee per artist entry. Only 1 piece may be submitted.

2016 Dues must be up to date to participate in the Members Show.

A commission split of 70% to the artist and 30% to the Falmouth Art Center for all members work sold during the show.

Judging for cash awards will be by last year's Best of Show winner, Laurinda O'Connor.

The show will be up 10/1/2016-10/30/2016.  There will be an opening reception on  Friday October 7, 2016 from 4-7 pm.

The Annual Meeting of PPSCC will be on Sunday, October 30, 2016 from 12-4 pm.  Pickup of Members Show paintings will be at that time.



BEST IN SHOW: Laurinda O'Connor. River's Edge
“River’s edge" has been fearlessly painted. Strong simplified shapes and exquisite unexpected colors work marvelously together. This painter knows when to stop, allowing the viewer to discover exciting hidden gems.

First: Grace DiMauro. Autumn Reds
This painting makes a statement across the room and gets even more exciting the closer you get to it. Strong, bold, unusual color makes this piece stand out along with the distinctive, delicious mark making.

Second: Andrew Anderson-Bell. Island Hillside
The blue trees sing. I love seeing parts of the dripping underpainting and that the entire piece looks so fresh and unlabored over. Strong composition and values make this a winner.

Third: Ed Chesnovitch. Color Study # 315
This little treasure refuses to be ignored! Vibrant colors and a bold, simple, strong composition keep me coming back to it over and over again. It fascinates me from a distance and then rewards me further up close with those energetic confident strokes.

Honorable Mentions:
RIta Berkowitz. Weathering the Storm
Fantastic mood piece. Love the sense of hope entering the dark sky. Great restrained use of color. Strong composition from a distance and then some unexpected playfulness when seen up close.

Christine Bodnar. Lobster Cove
Very strong graphic statement. Love the minimal use of color combined with highly contrasting values. Great energy with distinctive juicy mark making!

Eileen Casey. Bog Light
This little piece glows. Great composition with exquisite colors and a beautiful presentation.

Eileen Casey. A Pretty Good Moment
Who could’t love the nest? Gorgeous colors, distinctive technique, and perfect composition round out a lovely little painting.

Jane Eccles. Bay Beach Walk
Simply gorgeous color harmony. It makes you want to walk down that warm path. Perfect use of atmospheric perspective.

Barbara Farchione. Morning Sunrise
This painting keeps grabbing my attention. It evokes such a warm and peaceful mood. I love the almost lost edges between the sea and sky.

Susan Kerrigan. Quiet Moment
An appealing subject with lovely use of a limited harmonious palette. Strong value range and superb composition with confident mark making.

Barbara Quinn-Grasso. Bog Bees
Superbly painted. Great color harmony achieved with letting the warm under color show through. Perfect composition with colorful focus on the hives.

Diane Sawyer. The Conversation
Refreshing piece! Fantastic subject matter executed with a strong confident hand. The clean bold rendering of the figures is superb.

Jeanne Rossier-Smith. Looking Up!
“Looking up” pulls you in from the back of the room. It appears simple until an up close view reveals masterful rendering and depth of color. I can almost feel that little wispy cloud moving across the sky.

Jurors overall impression:
A very impressive show! Without hesitation, I would be proud to hang most of them in my home. I had to be very selective due to the high caliber of masterful works. I get especially excited seeing all of the members who are pushing boundaries and adding their own creative vision. There are some gorgeous abstracts and many attention grabbing compositions. 

Two personal tips: First, when judging realistic figurative work, I am critical about anatomy. If 90% of it is well executed but something looks off, I had trouble selecting it. Second, although subjective, I feel a few pieces would have benefited from different framing. The final presentation should not be overlooked.

The PPSCC is a very talented group of supportive fantastic individuals. I want to thank you all for the honor of being your juror.